Sustainable development has been a buzzword ever since the UN coined the term as one of their global goals. This has also been one of the hot topics in the mining community ever since the crackdown for mining sites that violate the law of the land. It is now in every mining company’s best interest to ensure that they keep the local government and the community involved in its business.

These include: livelihood, Environment, Education and Infrastructure.

Working hand in hand with the government and the community to create sustainable development will turn you into a ‘responsible mining company’ which in my opinion is something that all companies should do since they are profiting from the land of the community.

Mining Responsibly is possible if the company is willing to work on it and take the time to really follow protocol and help the local community. One example of this mining site is the Masbate Gold Project in Aroroy, Masbate. The Masbate Gold Project is a joint venture between 2 Philippine Companies and A Canadian Mining company.

This mining site is a model mine that the DENR is looking to work with to provide and build a sustainable integrated area development  (SIAD) Plan to the Philippine Mining Community according to an article (link here) in the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI).

Here are some of their programs:

According to the article of PDI, Filminera said the IAD plan was aligned with relevant DENR programs like the National Greening Program, Biodiversity Program, Biochar Program for Agricultural and other Wastes, Coastal Research and Management, Clean Water and Air Programs and Solid Waste Management Program.

If most mining companies have done these programs, most communities would be better served and more mining companies will stay open. So if you are in the mining industry please take note of these and implement them to ensure your long-term business.